Our pasture raised pork is available in our store. Courtney’s grocery is ALWAYS stocked with our freshest pork products, from bratwursts and ground sausage, to pork chops and salted pork. Along with fresh rib-eyes, hamburger and chicken tenders we’ve got you covered. Visit our store to see all of our grocery products.

1 Lb. Mild Pork Sausage ($6 per pound)

Chicken Tenders ($3.25 per pound)

Ground Beef ($3.99 per pound)

Maple Wood Smoked Bacon ($7 per pound)

2 Pack Pork Chops ($7 per pound)

4 Pack Bratwurst ($7)

Bread ($3)

Free Range Eggs (12 – $3)

Rib-Eye ($15 per pound)

8oz. Local Honey ($5.50)

16 oz. Local Honey ($12)

32 oz. Local Honey ($20)