Gene started smoking BBQ back in 1989 and has been doing it ever since.  He began cooking for church events and parties and loved it so much he, and his wife Janice, decided to create a place for local Clover, SC families to come in, relax, and fill their bellies.

They purchased and renovated the iconic Pine Bark Grocery Store that was originally built in the 1940’s by the Drennan Family.  The landmark building has seen many ventures over the years, with its latest being Courtney’s BBQ for over 2 decades.

In August of ’99, Gene and Janice with their two daughters and a freshly painted BIG RED BUILDING began learning the ins and outs of the restaurant business. With the restaurant booming, they began catering weddings and parties and winning BBQ competitions.  Before long, the one room building couldn’t hold the overflowing crowds coming from all around, so the restaurant has been expanded twice since then and now holds around 140 people.  Through ups and downs of an economic regression and now, a global pandemic, Courtney’s has continued to evolve to meet the demands of their customers. 

Courtney’s still offers the staples that made it so successful all these years. The amazing BBQ, of course, and the house brewed beer!  The restaurant has scaled back the operating hours over time, as Gene and Janice, aka “Big Guy” and “Mama”, wanted to enjoy more quality time with their 4 grandchildren.


THAT’S RIGHT! WE RAISE OUR OWN HOGS! Courtney’s Farm began in 1980 with the raising of a few pigs for our own personal consumption. Realizing what a tasty product we had, not to mention a healthy alternative to the other white meat. We decided to make our Pork available to our restaurant family. Click below to learn more about Our Farm.