We’ve been doing this since 1980. All of our hogs are born and raised to maturity here at Courtney’s Farm. They’re free to forage through our woodlands day in, day out, sourcing other natural and pure foods like pecans, acorns, grubs, etc. We have the happiest hogs on the planet!

Our mission is to provide the best pork possible by ethically raising our pigs, letting them roam the lush woods and feed the best ingredients we can buy until the day of their harvest.


NO ANTIBIOTICS, HORMONES, OR CHEMICAL FERTILIZERS EVER.  These locally bred hogs spend their entire lives on about 10 acres of pasture in Clover, South Carolina, where they get to graze, root, pigearate, roll in mud holes, and experience all of their natural pigness!


We strive to provide the best quality of life for our hogs. They don’t have to walk far to find plenty of shade and a fresh clean creek.

We show our hogs the highest amount of respect from the beginning of their life to the end. It is our belief that they were put here for the purpose of feeding man and we owe it to them to provide a healthy and comfortable living environment in exchange for the bounty they put on our plate.


You now can purchase our whole hogs! A hog that weighs 240-280 pounds in the pasture will be approximately 200 pounds after butcher (also called hanging weight). Our cost is $1.59/lb hanging weight and includes transport to the processor. The processor’s cost includes $45 fee and a .65/lb hanging weight to cut and package according to your preferences.

For example a hog with a hanging weight of 200 lbs would be $318 to Courtney’s Farm plus $175 to the processor and would equal $493.  Due to the variation in the weight of the pigs, these prices are only an estimate.   If you are interested in buying a whole hog or would like more information, please contact us at [email protected].